Our commitment to
improving peoples’ health is unwavering

Aytu products are as unique as our mission. Products for better health
and better lives—delivering unique products for hypogonadism, insomnia and infertility.

  • Natesto

    TRT in seconds

    Natesto is the first and only FDA approved intranasal testosterone replacement therapy.

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  • Zolpimist

    Fast. Asleep.

    ZOLPIMIST™ (zolpidem tartrate) Oral Spray, the only FDA-approved oral spray zolpidem product indicated for the short-term treatment of insomnia characterized by difficulties with sleep initiation.

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  • MIOXsys

    Male infertility oxidative system

    The Male Infertility Oxidative System (MiOXSYS®) is the most accurate, easy to use, and fastest oxidative stress result available today. MiOXSYS is CE Marked and available in many countries outside the U.S. as an aid in the diagnosis of male infertility. MiOXSYS is currently undergoing clinical study in the U.S. in pursuit of a 510k clearance.

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