Aytu is a different kind of company

Aytu is not a traditional, research-based company. We’re actively commercializing novel and needed products that can impact men’s  lives—not tomorrow, but today.

About our focus

Our outlook improves their outlook

At Aytu, our outlook is unique. We are committed to advancing unique therapeutics and diagnostics to improve vitality, sexual wellness and reproductive health.

Improving virility & quality of life

Addressing low testosterone and infertility

Focusing on serious issues for men. And their families.

Low testosterone and infertility affect millions of men, causing serious symptoms, both physical and emotional. Our products are novel. Our commitment is unwavering.

Our unique core products

Our Life Sciences experience spans decades

But we’re focused on here and now

Our team brings a wealth of past experience in starting and building companies across pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices. But our focus is on improving men’s health today.

Meet our management team