Constantly researching new treatments to help people lead vital lives.

Aytu BioPharma is committed to studying new treatments to make people’s lives better. Our pipeline and our focus on research are growing.

Aytu BioPharma Pipeline Overview

Current Pipeline

AR101 (enzastaurin)

AR101 (enzastaurin) is a pivotal study-ready therapeutic candidate initially targeting the treatment of vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (VEDS)

Healight (endotracheal light catheter)

Study being conducted using endotracheal UVA application on COVID-19, to determine safety and efficacy of novel approach to antimicrobial treatment via phototherapy on internal organs.

Business Development

Partnering for growth and improving patient health.

Aytu BioPharma is constantly exploring alliances to strengthen our product portfolio. We’re actively seeking to license and/or acquire specialty products and technologies that fit our strategic focus – with an emphasis on products that fulfill unmet needs and improve over existing therapies. We are committed to improving patients’ health worldwide by forging strong partnerships. If you are interested in discussing product opportunities, please contact us today.